How to get it (USA)

“The Creed in Slow Motion”, by Martin Kochanski (Hodder & Stoughton 2022), ISBN 9781399801546Publication date: October 18, 2022 – but you can pre-order now.

Real bookshops

Always support your local bookshop if you can. If they don’t have the book in stock they’ll be happy to order it for you and it’ll probably only take a day or two. It is no trouble for them – and it may encourage them to stock the book as well!

  • If there isn’t a bookshop near you, is a web site which donates a proportion of each purchase to local bookshops.
  • Barnes & Noble are in many locations across the USA.

Online has the book in stock. 

Many other bookshops are offering the book as well. This Google search will help you find them.

The e-book

The e-book is available now and you do not have to wait until October 18.

Amazon Kindle

This is the US link for Apple Books. It may or may not work in other countries. If not, searching Apple Books for Kochanski Creed will find the book.

The ISBN of the e-book is 9781399801553, and this Google search will find it.