Some reactions to the book

Here are some responses to the The Creed in Slow Motion from across the world, and (just as important) from across the whole spectrum of Christianity.

Australia: A fascinating interview with Christian Bergmann at Melbourne Catholic, a publication of the Archdiocese of Melbourne.

Australia, a Catholic religious educator: “I am really impressed. I will certainly be reading it more than once. I would like permission to use The Creed in Slow Motion as a teaching aid. I will also be encouraging those I to whom I speak to get the book.”

India: “The book I was waiting for. No exaggeration, such a soothing experience. The language is so simple… as if it is speaking to me directly. My prayer is that it should reach millions of people. Considering that I am teaching Systematic Theology in Seminary, this is very enlightening for me.”

USA, a Catholic religious educator: “Like a good meal, filling and delicious, to be savored as slowly consumed, and calling for second servings. Both inspiring and thought provoking. I am reading new chapters daily, but also re-reading others. It’s become part of my morning prayer routine. It would be very helpful for young people, say age 15 and up… I foresee it being a perennial rather than momentary book… any book worth reading is worth reading again, and again, and – The Creed in Slow Motion is such.”

USA, a Catholic priest: “I got the book today and made it part of my daily priestly prayer.”

USA, a lay Catholic: “I immediately sat down and read the introduction and the first chapter. I can tell I will not leave very long intervals between picking it up to continue reading. It is so chatty you could be sitting  beside me, and you are speaking the way I think, so I am not getting lost and having to go back all the time to understand you.  THANK YOU SO MUCH.”

USA, a Catholic musician: “What a gift The Creed is to our Catholic faith, and because of your book, I have a better understanding of it. I love the stories in-between the various sections…”

Estonia, a Lutheran pastor: “I heartily recommend the book to all intellectually-inclined seekers of truth everywhere. (Indeed, I have already ordered a few copies of it as presents to some friends that I think would benefit from them.) As someone who began to see some sense in the Christian faith while reading C.S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity as a teenager, I can appreciate the value such books can have in helping one along the road towards the Truth.”

UK, an Anglican priest: “A first-rate defence of the Christian faith which shows why the arguments about God and Christ really matter to all of us.”

UK, a Catholic school chaplain: “I have been listening with interest to the excerpts of your book… I am enjoying reading your reflections on the Creed. I used one of your thoughts in my homily on Trinity Sunday.”

UK, a learned Benedictine monk: “This is just the sort of thing that tired old monks need to rejuvenate their thinking.”

UK, a Catholic bookseller: “Delightfully written, highly insightful and inspiring. I love it!!”

Sierra Leone, a Pentecostal church member: “Honestly, buy it instantly. For a Christian it resonates very well. I don’t know how to describe this but you’ve captured the emotion and feelings into words.”